Priority Service


One of the advantages of the StudyResponse project is the rapidity with which a study can be deployed and data can be collected. Whereas postal mail surveys can take months to complete, StudyResponse studies usually take a matter of days or weeks.

As a result, we frequently get requests from researchers who are "in a rush" to get their studies completed as soon as possible. We do our best to accommodate these requests, but we process all studies on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our ability to recruit a study quickly also depends on the vagaries of the academic semester, the receipt of IRB approval from the researcher, timely provision of PDF files of stimulus materials, and the correct functioning of the researcher's data collection website. We also wrestle constantly with the challenges of using the Internet's primitive email distribution system to get messages out effectively while avoiding "spamming" our research participants. In short, as our licensing agreement states, we cannot guarantee the "timeliness" of the completion of your study.

If you have a pressing need that will not tolerate delay, however, we do offer a priority distribution service. With our priority service, you can specify a particular date on which your recruitment will begin. Before selecting priority service, however, you must contact our staff (SRadmin [at] syr edu), to make sure that the date you have in mind is actually available. If one of your preferred dates is available, you can choose priority service during the registration process and we will do our utmost to begin your study on the specified date. Use this comparison table to decide:

Note: Time periods are estimates based on previous studies.


Standard Draw Standard Draw with Priority Service
Cost No extra charge $159 extra cost
Scheduling Your Study Occurs 3-7 days after registration; on a 1st come 1st serve basis Set your study's schedule in advance
Obtaining IRB approval and survey materials; testing your survey 7-14 days after registration In advance or 2-7 days after registration
Initial wave of recruitment messages 14-21 days after registration 2-7 days after registration
Reminders (if any) 21-28 days after registration 9-14 days after registration
End of Study 28-35 days after registration 9-21 days after registration

Remember that these are estimates only. The main advantage of priority scheduling is that it gives you the opportunity to contact our staff and negotiate the date of initial recruiting for your study in advance. Otherwise your study will be processed on an availability basis in the order in which it was received.